Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child come to Allowah?

Children and young people who have a moderate to severe developmental disability and complex health needs who require a multi- disciplinary model of care are considered for admission to Allowah Presbyterian Children’s Hospital, under the medical, allied health and specialised nursing team.

The children who are admitted to Allowah Presbyterian Children’s Hospital are children who require a high level of nursing care for their daily needs. All children are admitted under the care of the admitting medical practitioner.  No referral is required.

Children from birth to 18 years of age are able to be cared for at Allowah.

The admitting medical practitioner may consider admitting children for specific programs or for post-operative recovery, depending on the suitability of the facility and current cohort of patients.

Allowah also offers a full range of services and is a registered NDIS provider. 

Have a chat with us to find out if Allowah is right for your child.

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