If you want excellent supports for your child you might want to consider an Early Intervention Package. The package is based on a trans-disciplinary model where your child will be allocated a Keyworker to assist with connecting your child to all the therapists as needed.

These packages provide tailor made access to support your child to develop early skills in movement, communication, play, feeding and self-care and improve your confidence in being able to enhance your child’s development. We will also assist with smooth transition into preschool and school.

Our support services are tailored to individual children and young people with a disability, using a transdisciplinary approach to target the key areas of development for the child, including movement, self-care, communication, feeding and swallowing, and independence skills, with the aim of achieving the best outcome for the child or young person.

Our Occupational Therapist will help with fine motor skills, play and self-help skills such as dressing and toileting.

Our Physiotherapist will help with motor skills such as balance, sitting, crawling and walking, and respiratory health.

We can also include Speech Pathology and Dietitian consultations.
Psychologist services can also be provided

Early Intervention is generally provided on an individual basis with the option of being in a group of children with similar needs. We usually see children at the Allowah facilities in Dundas Valley however visits to home, school and preschool are frequently arranged.

n5NDIS Funding
Your child may be able to purchase an Early Intervention Package if they have NDIS Funding for:

  • Therapeutic supports
  • Assistance to Integrate Into School or other Educational Program
  • Early Intervention supports for Early Childhood
  • If you would like to start a conversation about an Early Intervention Package get in touch by calling Ph:88773400 and asking for the Manager, Disability Support Services or email DSS@allowah.org.au or click the button below to start a conversation today.

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