If you want excellent supports for your child you might want to consider a School Participation Package.

09These packages provide tailor made access to supports designed to help your child participate in School. We can support your child with communication, moving around at School and recommending classroom equipment. We can work with your child’s School and teachers to understand your child’s requirements and provide the best educational experience.

If you have goals for your child at School or questions about how you can help them participate, we’d love to work with you to make it a reality.

n4NDIS Funding
Your child may be able to purchase a School Participation Package if they have NDIS Funding for:

  • Improved life skills
  • Improved daily living skills
  • Improved learning
  • Improved relationships
  • Assistive technology
  • Assist Integrate School or other educational program
  • Core Support funding
  • School Participation Packages can be arranged without NDIS funding on a fee for service basis.

    If you would like to start a conversation about s School Participation Package get in touch by calling Ph:88773400 and asking for the Manager, Disability Support Services or email DSS@allowah.org.au or click the button below to start a conversation today.

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