EQuIPNational Programme has been developed by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) and requires organisations to comply with the 10 National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHS) and the 5 EQuIPNational Standards. Allowah is fully accredited under this programme, providing comprehensive quality and safety programs that meet regulations, standards, professional guidelines and codes of practice.

achsThe quality and safety programs include regular internal audits and external reviews by government and other regulatory agencies and consultants as well as participation in a clinical benchmarking program.

Our commitment to consumer partnership means that we involve you in service measurement and evaluation, which enables feedback from your experience to inform policy and quality improvement across the Allowah. We do this in two ways:

  1. We inform you about key areas of our safety and quality performance in a format that can be understood and interpreted independently through this website; and
  2. We have a Consumer Partnership Committee who participate in the analysis of safety and quality performance information and data, patient feedback, and the development and implementation of action plans.

Some of our recent safety and quality audit results include:
July 2016

  • Management of Drugs Audit: 98% compliance
    • Medication orders are signed and dated by Medical Officer (new charted started waiting doctor to sign)
    • Current photo of the child attached to the mediation chart and not more than 2 years old (this was corrected straight away)
    • weight documented on the medication chart (weight recorded)
  • Care Plan and Pathway Audit: 94% correct
    • If intervention for individual child is not completed and signed for V for variance is required to be written on pathway and reason transferred to progress notes
  • Infection Prevention and Control audit all areas: 91% compliant
    • Bathrooms
      • Floors wet- shower in use
      • Room 11 not being used- some dust in corner of bathroom
    • Utility room
      • Ledges are hard to keep clean constantly being used
      • Linen chute locked no longer in use
    • Nurse’s station
      • Desk messy but in use, back wall cleaned this morning.
      • Reception/officers/storerooms
      • Sink in kitchenette some stains from cleaning


June 2016

  • Hazardous Substances Management Audit– 100% correct
  • Clinical Deterioration Audit: 100% correct
    • 10 of the observation charts, clearly identified the patient on all pages
    • 10 correct aged observation chart used
    • 10 patient’s observation were recorded weekly
    • 10 patient’s charts last recorded observation completed correctly
    • 10 observation charts signed off on the bottom of each page
    • 10 patient’s had clinical deterioration care plan in patient’s progress notes
    • 10 patient’s plan had been prepared in partnership with parent’s/carer
  • Departmental WH&S Audit: 100% correct
    • Area inspected: Basement, kitchen, laundry, staff room, under storage areas, office areas, downstairs car park, and medical gases area.


May 2016

  • Security Audit – 90% correct
    • A decrease from previous audits. Deficiencies addressed.
  • Laundry Audit – 90% correct
    • Minor issues addressed.

April 2016

  • Admission History Audit – 90% correct

March 2016

  • Bed Audit – 100% correct

February 2016

  • Medication Audit – 100% correct

October 2015

  • Environment Workplace Safety – 100% correct
  • Clinical Records Audit – 100% correct
  • Departmental Work Health and Safety Audit – 100% correct
  • Kitchen Audit – 94% correct
  • Management of Drugs Audit – 100% correct
  • Medication Safety Audit – 100% correct
  • Security Audit – 100% correct
  • Departmental Work Health and Safety Audit – 100% correct

September 2015

  • Hazardous Substances – 100% correct
  • Admission History Audit – 85% correct
  • Laundry Audit – 90% correct
  • Security Audit – 100% correct
  • Food Safety Audit – 98% correct
  • Work Health and Safety Audit – 96% correct
  • Hand Hygiene Audit – 96% correct