Meet the Team: Maura Hanney


Maura Hanney

Job Title:

Director of Disability Support Services

Maura is our wonderful Director of Disability Support Services – and is often the first person that parents will speak to when finding out more about Allowah. Maura has an incredible amount of experience and knowledge in Disability Support Service – from the NDIS to allied health and therapy supports. 

How long have you worked at Allowah?
I have worked at Allowah for 10 ½ years. Initially I worked 2 ½ days a week as a physiotherapist and now full-time as a Director. I have had a few different roles along the way but have always kept up with physio.

How would you describe yourself in three words?
This is a hard one! Family-focused, creative, problem-solver

What do you like doing in your spare time?
I wish there was more spare time! I sew and read a lot and play with my granddaughter. It makes me happy when my adult children visit and have a meal. I get together with my large extended family regularly and my mum more often. I love overseas travel but like others, have not been doing this for a few years. I regularly catch up with a group of ‘girls’ that I went to school with many years ago. Basically, I like to have fun and chat!

I think it is a person’s right as a human being to receive the supports that they need to live a good life.

What is your favourite or most rewarding part of working at Allowah?
When I was a student (physio) many years ago, I visited Allowah for a couple of days and worked with the Allowah physio, Anne Slater. From that time, I felt that Allowah was somewhere that I would like to work because the children had varied and complex needs and I liked solving problems. It was many years before I got the job as a part-time physio at Allowah.

There are so many rewards gained by working on the Allowah team:

  • learning from the children about courage, joy and living in the moment
  • sharing the journey with parents
  • learning something new every day
  • working in a friendly, home-like environment with other like-minded professionals

Why are you passionate about disability support?
There are so many people in the world who have disabilities; in fact most of us struggle in some way. Some disabilities are visible and many are not. I think it is a person’s right as a human being to receive the supports that they need to live a good life.

What would you like prospective parents to know about Allowah?
Allowah is a friendly place where you and your family will find respect and acceptance. At Allowah, we provide quality nursing, medical, respite, community participation, therapy, dietetics and support coordination services.

If you would like to start a conversation about Disability Supports for your child – why not get in touch with Maura by calling 8877 3400 and asking for the Director of Disability Support Services or email DSS@allowah.org.au.

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