Little hands, bright colours and lots of mess – what could be better than finger painting? Here at Allowah, we love finger painting. It is a form of creative therapy which helps children to express themselves and learn more about the world they live in. Most of all … it’s lots of fun!

Sensory Education

All arts and crafts are great for kid’s sensory learning but finger painting is even better. You don’t just get to experience the look of paint, you get to experience the feel of paint. Texture, colour, smell all combine in the experience of finger painting. Sensory development is important for children with disabilities and finger painting is a great way to encourage this.

Fine Motor Skills

As children mix colours and make images, hand-eye coordination, finger and hand strength, as well as fine motor skills benefit. Finger painting can involve more than fingers – palms, forearms and even feet can be used. All of this is great for physical therapy purposes.

Emotional Health

Finger painting is about the process and not the result – this makes it an inclusive activity. Free use of colour, shapes and patterns means that children can use this art form to express themselves and communicate with those around them, without words.

Visual Understanding

Kids learn about colours and how they mix when they are allowed free play with paints. Spatial relationships are learnt as finger paints are used to create images and patterns.

Some finger painting activities:

    1. Free play – let the little fingers run wild in an array of colours.
    2. Finger painting on glass or plastic – easy to wash off and an interesting texture to play with, try finger painting on a different material to paper
    3. Draw a basic shape in black marker (i.e. a butterfly or a tree) and then kids to finger paint over the top of it.
    4. Use limited colours. Pick two colours and experiment with what happens when they are mixed.
    5. Use other materials. Use glitter, cardboard, fabric, aluminium – anything which increases the sensory variety is good.


Don’t be afraid to get a little messy. Finger painting is a great opportunity for children to develop their creativity and spend time doing something imaginative and fun.

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