Thank you for helping us continue to support the kids at Allowah

Your support means so much to the staff, kids and families at Allowah.
Thank you so much for your donation! 

Other ways you can help!

Host your own fundraiser for Allowah!

Fundraising is a great way to raise money and get other people involved! You could organise a fundraiser yourself, as part of your church, school or workplace. 

We have a dedicated platform set up to host your fundraiser for Allowah. Simply create your profile and get started!

Share with others

Know a corporation with a big heart?

We are looking for businesses who have a BIG HEART for children with disabilities to become corporate sponsors and help secure our future.

Do you know an individual, organisation or foundation who may want to partner with us?

Suggested letter to businesses
To enable our vital service to continue, Allowah would like to develop meaningful partnerships with organisations that can become corporate sponsors. If you know of an individual or organisation who may like to support us? We would love for you to start the conversation!

We have drafted a letter you may wish to use.

Draft Letter

Share our situation with government

We need government to know that our situation is serious and time critical. The children at Allowah need a certain future.

Can you speak to government about the uncertainty we face?

Suggested letter to government
Can you help us by letting the government know that there are many people who care about the future of Allowah. We have drafted two letters which you may wish to use.
Sample Letters

Share with Family and Friends

Can you help us build momentum?
Simply click the buttons below to share about Allowah.

We will be updating our progress via social media, so we'd love you to get connected with us!

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