Allowah’s new Lion Cub Room

Last week, we welcomed the Carlingford-Dundas Lions Club to Allowah for an official opening of the new Lion Cub Babies room. 

The room was made possible by the extraordinary work and fierce generosity of our local Lions Club. Their generous donation has equipped the new Lion Cub room with three specialty cots, furniture and toys which will provide parents a place to sit and play with their children, who are staying at Allowah.

With the walls freshly painted and the new beds moved in, it was finally time to open it up.

Carlingford-Dundas Lions Club President, Steven Hirsh, cut the ribbon and presented us with an additional gift from the club – a giant cheque! – to go towards some finishing touches to the room.

The Carlingford-Dundas Lions Club have been long-term friends of Allowah. They have assisted us in the past and we were excited to be able to work with them to create the Lions Cub Babies Room. This room will provide infants and their parents a lovely space to be together.

The cots and other furniture donated are state-of-the-art. They are comfortable, safe and look terrific. We have had fun decorating the space with our very own Lion Cub mascot and enjoyed being able to share the space with the Club.

We were delighted to have NSW Electoral Advisor Will Spence join us for the occasion. Will shares a special connection with us, as his sister was cared for at Allowah for many years. He kindly presented Steven Hirsh with a Certificate of Appreciation and shared a few words about what Allowah meant to him:

“It was a refuge for my family and Allowah is one of the most special places in NSW. I don’t think you’ll find a more loving and wonderful place."

We can’t wait to see our families enjoy the Lion Cub room during their time at Allowah.

The Lions Club has blessed us greatly with their work.

The club is always looking for more members to get involved in community projects like this one.

If you want to find out more about joining the Lions, check out their website.

NSW Electoral Advisor WIll Spence presenting Steven Hirsh of the Lions Club with a Certificate of Appreciation.
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