Our Dietitian is highly qualified and skilled in paediatric nutrition and dietetics, with a wealth of experience working with children with complex disabilities.

Allowah’s dietitian is experienced in enteral nutrition (tube feeds and oral supplements), and is highly competent working with children with complex disability, such as cerebral palsy, Rhett syndrome, autism, genetic abnormalities, and more. Our dietitian works closely with our Speech Pathologist for children on texture modified diets and those experiencing swallowing difficulties.

Our dietitian monitors a child’s growth and nutritional intake (oral and/or enteral) versus age appropriate guidelines. She formulates nutritional goals to achieve adequate growth and meet nutritional targets. She also advises Allowah’s Formula team on recipes and our Kitchen staff on a menu that meets the nutritional needs of our diverse group of children.

Offering expertise in both oral and enteral nutrition, our Dietetic services include:

  • Individual assessment and advice (in person, home and school visits, and teleconference).
  • Detailed nutritional analysis for oral and enteral intake.
  • Comprehensive anthropometric assessments.
  • Access to the Home Enteral Nutrition Scheme (HENS) which reduces the cost of tube feeds and nutritional supplements.
  • Collaborative nutritional management and care with the dietitians of the Sydney Children’s Hospital Network.
  • And more!

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Allowah Disability Support Services provides outpatient dietetics services and can also provide additional dietetics services for children admitted to Allowah.

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