Support Coordination

Do you need help finding, accessing and managing necessary disability supports? Allowah offers Support Coordination, helping you find and organise the right supports to meet your needs.

Allowah provides Support Coordination to assist children and adults with complex disabilities and their families and carers with the planning and management of the range of services you receive. This is offered for all levels of complexity, from basic help to high level coordination for very complex situations. We can help you with finding, accessing and managing necessary disability supports.


Our friendly Support Coordinator can provide:

    • Assistance in the transitioning of young people with disabilities from paediatric to adult care services.

    • Personalised support to empower participants and families with the skills and information to make their own decisions about the kind of services they receive.

    • Help to understand your plan and build the skills that you need to implement and utilise NDIS funding efficiently and cost-effectively.

    • Assistance with engaging and negotiating with service providers.

    • Coordination and review of a wide range of your chosen services to increase your capacity to maintain a good quality of life.

    • Guidance in exploring potential resources within your local community.

Come meet our Support Coordinator!

Allowah Disability Support Services provides outpatient support coordination.

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