Parent & Carer Support Group

Make time for YOU at our peer-to-peer support group for parents and carers of children with a disability, developmental delay or chronic health condition.

Allowah’s parent support group is a chance for parents and carers of children with a disability, developmental delay or chronic health condition to come together and spend time with others who ‘get it’. This group provides the opportunity to support each other as you travel the road of finding the best care and supports for your child. It is also an opportunity to learn about services you might find helpful.

There is no charge to come along. You will have the chance to take some time for you and enjoy a hot drink and a chat with other parents and carers. Preschool-aged children are engaged in play with our wonderful play helpers giving parents time to relax and talk.

Allowah’s parent support group consists of a group of parents and carers from different backgrounds and whose children have different abilities and needs. We’d love to have you join us, even if your child is not using the services of Allowah.

- Allowah Parent
“It has allowed me to connect with other carers who understand and can empathise with the challenges of complex needs in a child.”
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Chat over coffee
In some sessions, members just relax over a tea or coffee, talk about their week and share advice and information.

Learn something new
In some sessions the facilitator or a guest speaker might lead discussion on a topic of interest.

Take care of yourself
Sometimes, the group might just
have fun with an activity aimed at helping members relax and look after their wellbeing.

Professional guidance
All groups have a trained facilitator, who helps group members get to know each other and learn more about local resources and support services.

You can bring your children
You can bring your preschool-aged children to our support group. While you unwind, children are kept engaged nearby by play helpers.

Our support is free
Our support group is free to join, and being a part of this group does not affect your NDIS funding.

It’s support for you
Meet other parents and family carers of children with additional needs. Our parent support group is a place to socialise, to discuss, to get information, and to support and be supported by other carers.

For more information, contact our Family Liaison, Taryn Clausing:

Email: taryn.clausing@allowah.org.au | Call: 02 8877 3400 and ask for Taryn.

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