Allowah Wish List

Give a gift that truly makes a difference…

It takes a lot to keep a children’s hospital going. Whether it’s much needed equipment, everyday essentials or events and activities, we need your help to do what we do!

By contributing to the Allowah Wishlist, you can help us with the essentials we need to keep making a difference in the lives of kids with complex disabilities and medical needs. So why not give a gift that really counts?! 

Every donation gives you access to this lovely card to print and give, so you can share the joy!

Check out our wish list categories by clicking below and make a meaningful impact in the lives of our kids this Christmas.

Wish List Categories

Much Needed Equipment

From sensory toys and instruments to hospital hoists and medical equipment

Events & Activities

Help provide fun and entertaining activities and events for the children at Allowah

Become a Friend of Allowah

Your ongoing donation will help us through the ups and downs

Stuck for a gift for a loved one?

Give a gift that will have a lasting impact on the lives of the children at Allowah. Every Wish List contribution will receive a Gift Card to download and print.

You can make a meaningful contribution to the lives of the kids at Allowah.

Allowah Children's Hospital

has been providing specialty care and support for kids with complex disabilities and medical needs for almost 70 years.

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