Arts and Craft

Children with disabilities benefit so much from time spent being creative. It is a therapeutic release, a fun activity and an opportunity to express emotion and communicate. Arts and craft might seem like a challenge for kids with disabilities. But, in reality, it is worth the messiness! Arts and craft help develop learning skills, no matter what kind of learner the child may be.

1. Visual Learners
Visual learners are those people who understand the world best when it is presented visually. Colours, shapes, charts, diagrams and symbols help them to process new concepts. Arts and crafts are perfect for this kind of learner. Using bright colours and experimenting with lines and shapes are all part of making art. For children with disabilities, this is no different. Learning is still a fundamental part of their development. If they are visual learners, arts and crafts are a great way to teach them more about themselves and each other.

2. Auditory Learners
Organised Arts and Crafts are great for those who learn best through hearing too. Activities often involve giving instructions and responding appropriately. Questions can be asked of what is being created and conversation often naturally flows while people are busy creating things. Kids often hum under their breath while they work, increasing the auditory sensory experience.

3. Kinesthetic Learners
This type of person learns best when presented with physical things to touch, move and interact with. They need to practice something, in order to understand it. Modelling clay and experimenting with different textures in arts and crafts sessions is a great way to encourage kinesthetic learners.

Good for all

Arts and crafts are a great way to create safe and fun spaces for learning but they are also an important therapeutic activity. Children with disabilities often have a lot of stressful and potentially fearful events to process. Further, communication issues can make processing and expressing these experiences difficult. Arts and craft are a fantastic opportunity for free expression, creativity and imagination. Emotional development benefits through time experimenting and playing with arts and crafts. It is one of many things we do here at Allowah, to make sure the kids in our care are nurtured in every way.

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